Compiling Fuego Documentation On Windows

To quickly but roughly compile the documenation from the Fuego SVN source code, it is possible to use only Doxygen (Doxywizard for GUI) and recursively search all folders in the “trunk” for documentable code.

To generate more organized documentation, as specified by the developers of Fuego, use Cygwin, Doxygen, and the “make” command to execute the makefile scripts contained in the fuego/doc/doxygen directory of the SVN.

Doxygen can be installed with the available Windows binary installer.

Cygwin can be downloaded and installed from the regular website. You will need to install several packages with the setup.exe for Cygwin: make, graphviz (from cygports), tetex (latex)

To access the cygwinports repository, start setup.exe from CMD prompt: setup.exe -K