Connect Fuego to CGOS

Fuego includes its own updated copy of the Computer Go Server (CGOS) Tcl connection script (in the tools directory of the SVN) to allow Fuego to avoid extra processing after an opponent resigns.

The Pythons version allows use of GoGUI or other viewer to watch games being played on the server by the local engine.

Invoke the Python (and save the STDOUT and STDERR streams together since the cgos logging does not include Engine output) as follows:

REM Open the 0.3 Python version of the Computer Go Server (CGOS) Client GTP Program
set CGOS_PATH=C:\Users\Ero-Sennin\Desktop\cgosClient\bin
set CGOS_CONFIG=cgos_fuego_9x9.cfg
%CGOS_CLIENT% %CGOS_CONFIG% >>cgos_full.log 2>&1

Absolute minimum *.cfg needed for the Python version of CGOS client (according to the documentation, java.exe is recommended over javaw.exe to avoid debug/output stream being cut off):

  KillFile = kill.txt

# First engine
  Name = Fuego SVN 1422 vs2010
  CommandLine = C:\Users\Ero-Sennin\Desktop\fuego\x64\Release\fuego-vs2010.exe --config go_simulations\fuego_config_x64.ini
  #--mode gtp --score aftermath --capture-all-dead --chinese-rules --level 8
  ServerHost =
  ServerPort = 6867
  ServerUser = Fuego-1422-8c-vs10
  ServerPassword = secretpassword
  # Play 10 games before switching to next
  NumberOfGames = 10
  SGFDirectory = go_simulations\sgf\sgf9x9

 # Observer engine (e.g. GoGUI)
  CommandLine = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -jar "C:\Users\Ero-Sennin\Desktop\Go_Programming\gogui-1.2.3\lib\gogui-display.jar"

If using Fuego (as in the example above) the –config file path is relative to the CMD prompt invoking the CGOS client program.

If you want to set player parameters in the config file, note that the boardsize GTP command must be sent FIRST, because the boardsize command will cause Fuego to reset uct_param_player defaults. Example:

boardsize 9
uct_param_player resign_threshold 0.00

If using Fuego on CGOS with the “ponder” option enabled, check out this page for a small bugfix.

The CGOS client has good logging functionality but does not include engine ouput. If you want to view both the CGOS/GTP engine messages AND log them all simultaneously, check out this page